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Dress Code Policy

Tangipahoa Parish School System follows a district-wide dress code policy. 

TPSS Dress Code


This is a reminder regarding the Student Dress Code approved by the TPSS School Board on August 11, 2022. Make a note that the policy states:
Hoodies will not be allowed on school campuses or school buses. Navy, white or school-approved color light jackets or sweatshirts without a hood will be allowed for indoor wear, but a regulation uniform shirt must be worn underneath. School-sponsored organization jackets, sweatshirts and/or sweaters (FFA, BETA, athletic, etc.) will be allowed. Heavy coats and jackets of any color and/or style without logos, insignia, or inappropriate language will be allowed outdoors and on school buses, but must be removed upon entering a school building. Dusters or trench coats will not be allowed.

For a full detailed description of the Tangipahoa Parish School Board Dress Code Policy, please
refer to pages 43-45 of the Student & Parent Handbook.

 TPSS Student Parent Handbook