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Dress Code Policy

This is a reminder regarding the Student Dress Code approved by the TPSS School Board on August 11, 2022. Make a note that the policy states:
Hoodies will not be allowed on school campuses or school buses. Navy, white or school-approved color light jackets or sweatshirts without a hood will be allowed for indoor wear, but a regulation uniform shirt must be worn underneath. School-sponsored organization jackets, sweatshirts and/or sweaters (FFA, BETA, athletic, etc.) will be allowed. Heavy coats and jackets of any color and/or style without logos, insignia, or inappropriate language will be allowed outdoors and on school buses, but must be removed upon entering a school building. Dusters or trench coats will not be allowed.
With the colder weather, we have noticed more students wearing sweatshirt hoodies.
Due to the increasing amount of students wearing sweatshirts that are not approved, starting on Monday, Jan. 30, the PHS administration will confiscate any illegal outerwear.

For a full detailed description of the Tangipahoa Parish School Board Dress Code Policy, please
refer to pages 43-45 of the Student & Parent Handbook.

 TPSS Student Parent Handbook